Wedding Magician

Possible Stages Where Magic Could Be Beneficial At a Wedding

  • During the photo shooting period: Photo shooting is an ideal time for magicians to interact and amuse with your guests by performing some interactive magic tricks that are feeling bored with a photo session. While the photographer does his job, a magician can entertain other folks with wonderful magic tricks to make them feel amazing. Therefore, you may consider making the photo period a bit longer.
  • At the arrival of guests: Guests arrival is another best time when a magician can offer sustained entertainment that everyone can enjoy.
  • During the meal: When your guests are busy taking their meals, an illusionist will visit each table and perform brief shows or IPad magic while moving from one table to another. In this way, he will also amplify your event in a big way while entertaining your guests.
  • During the reception: If you are planning for the evening reception, then a close-up magician is the ideal choice you have. As far as you don’t plan to have a loud music in the evening event, a magician can be very entertaining and interacting as well.

So, if it’s your wedding or any lifetime event, hiring a wedding magician is a great idea if you are looking for something to bridge the empty gaps in between the essential aspects of your special day. After all, magic can melt the ice between the guests who have just met at your wedding event.

Wedding held in Turkey

A 5-day Indian Wedding held in turkey. This Destination wedding with 500 guests from India traveled all the way from India to Bodrum ( turkey) to celebrate and attend wedding of Bansal family.
In this luxurious and lavish wedding, Sumit Kharbanda was also invited to entertain the guests with his illusions and deception, along with many other artists of different genre.


Wedding is the most memorable event in a life time for the groom and the bride indeed but for those guests who are attending your wedding if your event is garnished with special performances which would amaze everyone.

Destination Wedding

Above all entertainment mediums, Magician is on top as the magician mix and mingles with your guests during the wedding cocktails, while waiting to get clicked, while sitting and observing other wedding traditions.

Destination Wedding

A professional magician would always lives up your social image and performs alls magic tricks with his/her best magic hands for all age group to keep busy by thinking “How does he/she has done It- WOW"

Importance of a Magician in Wedding

illusions and ipad Magic is most loved form of entertainment in pre wedding events in India and in destination weddings. Wedding industry looks for different ideas for family entertainment in weddings.

Ipad magic is a unique entertainment which has shock value and never seen effects for the guests. Wedding mostly attended by children, youngsters, couples, families and VIP guests, so one entertainment which cater to all these mind level is Magic and illusions.

That is why adding an ipad Magician Sumit Kharbanda, digital illusionist in wedding events is complete a win win also a clean idea of entertainment.

Wedding Magician VIdeo Gallery

Card Magic in corporate party by Sumit Kharbanda

Walk Around Roaming iPad illusions

Card in Phone Street Magic by illusionist Sumit
Entertainment for Wedding Events by Sumit Kharbanda

Superb iPad magic for CELEBRITIES in Wedding

Bride & groom under the influence of Mentalist
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