Today, in this booming world of technology and entertainment, everyone is anxious to know the next new immerging trends of entertainment with technology. Here is the next big thing “Ipad Magic Tricks” by the famous and world’s renowned magician, illusionist Sumit Kharbanda.

Magic as we all now is all about using props and making them disappear in the air. Illusionist Sumit has brought a trick with blend of technology with magic never seen before. Ipad magic is the new trend in the wow world of magic. Magical illusions were already trending and were hard to figure out, now with the pinch of technology, the tricks got better and more surprising then never before.

The perfectionist can perform this iPad magic for various events:

Ipad Magic: Corporate Events

Digital magic is turning out more successful and engaging at corporate events. It is becoming super popular among corporate audience where the technology is the most picked topic of conversation. Illusionist Sumit can customize his tricks by adding the corporate brand image or products as a medium of promotion in the event. So, if you are conducting a corporate or trade event, promotion via a digital magician would be the best way to entertain your audience.

Digital Magician – Mesmerizing Audience Digitally

The digital magician Sumit Kharbanda has taken the magic to a new level. He with his skills and tricks has never failed to last the positive impressions on the audience.  He is utilizing the digital technology with a touch of innovation that makes the audience interested in his act. He not only captures the attention of the kids and youth even the aged ones also appreciate the way he mesmerize the crowd.

Ipad Magic: Product Marketing/Launch Events

Want to market or launch your new product but struggling to fiddle out a right way to create social buzz. Illusionist sumit, the world renowned digital magician, a Guinness Book Record Holder is there to marketing/launch your product. He can use his ipad magical skills to launch your product by incorporating the product in the tricks. Ipad Magic would be the best way as it is firstly most engaging among the audience and secondly most popular way which would be remembered by a mass chunk of audience for a longer period of time.

So, if you are planning your product launch or marketing campaign, getting a digital magician would solve your purpose in a much convenient way.

The Ultimate Form Of Entertainment in South Korea

Magic, the ultimate form of entertainment for all ages, has found its way to Seoul – South Korea.

What better way to make a lasting impression that too mystify and to baffle your audience with explosive showcase of Magic and illusions . Magic has no language but its loved and attracts everyone, moreover kids and families understand the language of Magic ! It was difficult for illusionist Sumit Kharbanda to communicate in Korean language with locals there but he got love and appreciation after his show in Seoul where nearly 300 people were gathered in 2 day event for public. 9 Magicians from 9 countries were called to perform Magic in an yearly Conference held in South Korea.

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