Product Marketing

How boring this sounds!! But wait a minute…here is the magical recipe for making it really interesting for your customers. Use illusions and magic tricks as a communication tool and see how well your products gets imprinted in the minds of your customers.

Truck Launch by Hindustan Petroleum:

Sumit kharbanda magically demonstrates the features of new trucks with help of ipad and tablets. All this presentation was held for top management of Hindustan Petroleum in Hotel JW Marriott Aerocity Delhi. HP invited Champions, Legends in this event and introduced digital experience in which Sumit Shared his magical effects with his ipad and tablet.

Product Activation

Add a twist of illusions in your product activation to engrave the name of your brand in the mind your customer.  Magic holds the curiosity of the audience as they wait eagerly for what is going to happen next. You can check out the video where Sumit has shown the features of an HP product with the help of illusion and magical tricks.

Product Launch

Launching a new product? Want some new idea which retains in the minds of your customer. How many brands do something unusual, something unique which leaves a long lasting impression on the minds of their customers. You be the one then!! Sumit adds a twist to your otherwise a routine product launch with the help of illusions. Everyone has a plan but you will have magic too. The successful launch will transform in the sales and further in profits for your brand. Try this and you will never regret!!

Product Promotion

Instead of using the boring and repeated ways to promote your product why not add some spice to the process. Sumit has innovative and creative ways to promote your product. How about appearing your Product logo magically or illusionist explaining about features of your product with his magic tricks. Illusions never become boring for any age group. We all love to be part of magic, to see magic happening right in front of eyes. He promotes product at various locations like malls, school, residential societies etc., in order to capture the wide domain of customers.

Product Marketing VIdeo Gallery

Mentalist in India Hypnotize in Elante Mall Chandigarh

Truck Launch by illusionist Sumit Kharbanda - Revolutionary invention by Eicher

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