There is one who can read your Mind. Bharat Ratna Award Winner: Illusionist Sumit Kharbanda

Digital Magic in HPCL conference

Illusionist Sumit can make your event perfect with his professional & mesmerizing Mind Reading Tricks. Sumit kharbanda who has been awarded as the best mind reading and illusionist will get you goosebumps by reveal your dream date, credit card number, car no, birth date and many more personal information which you tend not to disclose to a stranger in a comic way & engaging way. He can connect the minds of two people and make them feel touch without touching them.

Mentalist Sumit Kharbanda control minds of Ashish & Shim

illusionist Sumit, the biggest entertainer can predict future, he can hypnotize your audiences to capture the attention completely while doing fun. His mind reading tricks are unbelievable & exciting. Hire illusionist Sumit to make your event more memorable.

Mind Reading Show by Sumit Kharbanda

To be a part of most exclusive illusions and tricks, hire Mind Reader Sumit Kharbanda. He is a juke box filled with mind reading tricks and illusions & world class entertainer. Hire him today.

Mature Audience

  • Type of Entertainment: Mature Audience
  • Time: 1 hour till 3 hours
  • Location: all over the world
  • Attire: Cocktail attire to give elite look
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