Press Meetup for DEV in Colors Channel

Ashish Choudhary, Shimona Chakravorty and Pooja star cast of DEV Totally loved the mindreader sumit kharbanda who read the body language, behavior and mindset of people and to entertain the guest.
Ashish Choudhary was very amused and talked about the similarity between the TV series "DEV" and the work nature of "The Mentalist" Sumit Kharbanda where they both read the body language, behavior, and mindset of people and solve mysteries.
The detective serial on Colors TV is on the lines of the famous TV series "The Mentalist " where Ashish Choudhary solves the mystery of murders and crime cases by understanding criminal's mind and behavior.
Magician -illusionist Sumit Kharbanda entertained guests and stars on the same lines showcasing his skills on Mentalism.

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