Mind Reading Re-union at Indian Navy

Senior retired officials of the Indian Navy along with their spouse are invited every year to Varuna NAVAL mess in New Delhi to honor and facilitate them.
A grand welcome for around 800 families with a variety of food and entertainment was planned in February this year.
Sumit Kharbanda with his assistants was invited to entertain senior officials of the Indian Navy. Selection of acts for uncompromising stage show was difficult in beginning but Sumit Kharbanda entertained to their souls with his variety of acts.
Most liked Mentalism act was when sumit came down from the grand stage & reached an audience with a microphone, interacting with senior officials and instantly reading minds. That was impromptu!
Whereas buying online from e-commerce site is craze Nowadays, Sumit used his iPad and tablet to instantly pull out wrist watches from these e-commerce sites and gifting it to senior officials was a memorable act.
Many more acts were specially designed by Sumit Kharbanda on his iPad featuring Indian Navy Ships and their services to the Nation.
A short and descriptive act with a spice of illusions added glamour to the event.

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