Have some Fun and Magic with iPhone 8 at work

The iPhone 8 and iPhone 8+ with many latest features was launched all over India a few days back. Tech-savvy enthusiasts were eager to buy and checked this new Gadget launched in all the Apple stores of India at the same time.
Sumit Kharbanda who is also a gadgets lover has created many Magic and illusions digitally. He has been using digital Magic during his stage shows in public or Corporate entertainment shows.
During the Launch of iphone 8 series, Sumit developed some interactive Magic & illusions to entertain the visitors.
Phones are now smarter than humans and can be used to create Magic besides making phone calls and using social sites. This method was easily explained by Sumit Kharbanda when he used skills to appear currency notes, fruits, watch etc. just by putting his hand inside the iPad screen.
The concept used here is to create fun and Magic during your work.

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