Why Im a Mentalist and Ipad Magician

The pace of innovation in the digital age and embracement of new technologies in it has gained a lot of attention. Although the process of digital transformation started about two decades ago but has continued gaining speed. It has eloped all industries and the new in the list is the entertainment industry.

The iPad Magic or digital magic is one of the most popular forms of illusion that‘s taken the worldwide Entertainment Industry to a new level. With the digitalization of magic techniques, future of magician is on the boom. Now a day's magician is called Ipad magicians using digital techniques and I pads.

Reasons why they are called Mentalist and Ipad Magicians:

  1. They use the new magical blend of technology and digitization which is the Ipad magic which is available in both on Ipad as well as on tablets and illustrates your messages in a way you will never forget.
  2. With the use of digital techniques and Ipad, magicians embrace change which generates creativity in the mind’s adaptation, literally creating a new reality out of the old.
  3. Ipad Magicians are entertaining and thought-provoking which open our creative mind to new and exciting possibilities.
  4. Singers /Dancers/illusionists & other artists have included various technologies in their acts in order to make it more creative & brief.
  5. They use digital techniques for Presentations, Product Launches.
  6. With same old presentation & props, they are performing the same acts but with the use of digital techniques creating acts full of Freshness and mind-blowing effects.
  7. They do even mind Reading at its best by creative grand illusions.
  8. They do the customization of the acts. They can customize acts digitally as per the requirement.
  9. By combining iPads and digital technology, doing magic tricks and creating a world where the impossible becomes real.
  10. It takes audiences to places they’ve never been, using a technological marvel they know and love.

With sleight-of-hand skills and technological knowledge, they can make your products appear on an iPad screen and then magically materialize them in the physical world.

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