Why Choose Magic over Any Other Career

 All the art of forms, Magic is the Richest of all. Magic is the second oldest profession in the world. Yet it is new to every generation. Choosing Magic as a career could be fascinating because it helps to spread happiness, leaves people surprised and amazed. It sharpens your mind and encourages creative thinking. It is just like any other art form which will pay you for what you love most. Magic can take you to places in the world.

Magic is universal with no borders and no language barriers. It is the pure mystery which brings smiles to children of all ages. Long before advanced science and medicine, magicians created illusions, influencing the future scientists to turn those illusions into reality.

Magic is more than just acting, it involves knowing and understanding of human psychology to create the perfect misdirection. Magic can find a number of different ways to identify things chosen by the people in the most impossible and mysterious ways. What seems to be humanly impossible, can be done by magic. Apart from performance, the art of magic involves the understanding of staging, lighting, costumes, directions, theatrics, and storytelling and ability to work with wood, metal, plastic, glass, chemicals, so he can create his own illusions.

Magicians are not born as magicians. They are taught and trained the secrets of magic. In order to be a magician, you have to learn the following practices -

  • Productions & Appearances - ways to produce small or large objects, people, and animals.
  • Disappearances & Vanishes - to vanish small or large objects, people, and animals.
  • Transpositions - ways to disappear and reappear from one place to another.
  • Transformations - ways to change or transform
  • Penetrations - ways to penetrate
  • Restorations - ways to cut, burn, dice, or destroy and restore them and make them whole again.
  • Levitations & Suspensions - ways to defy gravity, suspended in mid-air, and levitate.
  • ESP - ways to predict the future, read minds, and send and receive thoughts and messages.
  • Spirit Effects - ways to move with the power of the mind or with spirits, animate objects and bring them to life.
  • Identifications -ways to identify things chosen by the people in the most impossible and mysterious ways.

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