Tips To Choose Illusions/Magic Tricks For a Memorable Event

Choosing a illusion or magic trick can be very cumbersome when there are so many options available. Client gives you some clues and points while discussing round the table. I, as a mind reader, able to gather those points create a roadmap of choosing right magic tricks for a memorable event.
I have put together some of the points for choosing right illusions/magic tricks for memorable event as under.
  1. Type of audience: If it is a corporate event client will generally prefer customised ipad magic tricks or illusions which will highlight their company logo or USP’s of company. If it is private party then I focus more on entertaining guest with some card or coin tricks and many interactive mind-reading acts. Approach is entirely casual for private parties.
  2. Type of stage:  The surroundings of the stage and facilities around the stage should be viewed and analysed properly, this is a must for a Magician or every illusionist. If the stage is open from 3 sides, we mean if audience can view the show from all sides then a Magician / illusionist should perform only those selected items which do not reveal the secret of Magic. Not all magic are designed to perform for surrounded stage.  On the other hand if stage is covered from 3 sides (covered from back – left –right) and audience can only have front view of the show, then an illusionist has chance to make the show Grand and he can show the Best illusions ever to make the event memorable. The selection of Magic is important for every illusionist.
  3. Demand of client: Choose the magic as per the mood of the audience. The body language and hand gestures give cues to the magician about what they are thinking and accordingly you can either choose or change the magic trick.  Magic has many secrets and it should not be revealed to any non-magician so while making these preparations it should not be in front of audience.


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