Things must for Professional Magician/illusionist

As an illusionist, there are essential points that will help you do your job, whether you're in a private party or social gathering or in a corporate event. For me, the most obvious things are my blazer, pair of glasses, a very large coffee and a brain that's relaxed and fresh to entertain the audience.
So there are lots of things that I need, but what couldn't I live without? To answer this question, I put together a list of 3 points which I really need before my show starts.
  1. Need of green room: A magician/illusionist should ask for a green room to prepare magic. A closed room with proper lighting, two or three chairs, one table, mirror and hangers etc. to hang his dresses. A green room is essential and first priority for any stage performer. Magician himself should understand the importance of it. Magic has many secrets and it should not be revealed to any non-magician before the act, so while making these preparations it should not be in front of audience. Sumit Kharbanda, the best magician in Delhi spends relaxed few minutes in green room and composes his thoughts before going on a stage.
  2.  Reaching before time: As a professional magician/illusionist you must understand that your time is limited and whatever time you have is not consistent. A performer should at least reach one hour before the show timings to look and take the feel of the ambience.
  3. DIMENSIONS of the stage: The surroundings of the stage should be analysed properly, this is a must for a magician or every illusionist. If the stage is open from 3 sides, we mean if audience can view the show from all sides then a magician/illusionist should perform only those selected items which do not reveal the secret of magic. Not all magic are designed to perform for surrounded stage. On the other hand if stage is covered from three sides (means back, left and right) and audience can view the front angle of the show, then an illusionist has a chance to show the best illusions ever to make the event memorable.

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