New IPad Magic Tricks for Christmas Party

Christmas is on the plan, and what immeasurable idea to celebrate at your corporate function than hiring the India’s best iPad magician, Sumit Kharbanda? The biggest celebration gift you can proffer your employees is an experience emphasizing this world-renowned artist, presenting his latest and most spellbinding magic skills live at your event.

Here are some iPad magic tricks which make our Christmas event more interesting

Candle tricks: The marvelous magic candle rolls with your iPad. You can also blow out the flame. This is fun that puts you & your employees in an unexpected experience.

Christmas recipes off your iPad:

All age-old Christmas recipes with which we are bored now, Now present in front of us in a new way, digital way.

Santa Claus even makes an appearance:

In this unusual magic trick through iPad, our favourite Santa Claus makes an appearance at our Christmas party.

So, these are some ways which easily turn your dull Christmas party into an impressive party. Sumit Kharbanda is an ideal entertainer for the performance in any corporate conference, meeting, parties or events.

For your Xmas bash, Sumit can present a limelight show, close-up magic or a blend of the two, forming the mind-boggling digital magic that combines customizations where your corporate logo, promotional items or popular portraits can play a major role in the magic tricks.

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