Mind Reading: Can Anyone Become An Illusionist?

If you want to know whether mind reading is a possible feat, there are a few surprises waiting for you. First of all, the content that you see in movies and web-series related to illusionists are often a mere display of exaggeration. Let’s take it this way, it is certainly not possible to read minds and tell what you ate for dinner last night. Let’s just accept that. Once we exclude such ability from an account, we would have a more open-minded approach, which shall help us understand the possibilities of mind reading. While TV shows produce larger than life characters to impress the audience. Frankly, there are scientific ways to read someone’s mind and for that to happen, you would require to undergo tremendous amounts of practice.

Start with Studying Psychology

Not only practice, but you would also require laser sharp focus with metal strong perseverance and an insatiable thirst to learn the art. If it would have been too easy, every one of us could have become expert showman like India’s topmost Sumit Kharbanda who is an illusionist & a Mentalist. However, there’s nothing to feel disheartened. With effective practice over a longer term, you can also develop a few skills required to understand how the mind works. In this case, it is worth mentioning that an expert Mentalist is the master of psychology. They completely understand the whereabouts of your mind. This helps them identify the pattern followed by the average human brain. There are many more aspects to study and the list shall go on until the universe collapses. If you want to be a mind reader, you should accept your insecurities and submit yourself to the vast pool of knowledge.

Sumit Kharbanda

Rewire Your Brain

One cannot read minds effectively if his own mind is full of doubts and stress. Just like, you need to clear the clutter inside a pipeline to facilitate a smooth flow of water, your mind also needs repairing. Meditation is one of the most common practices carried out by master illusionist and master mentalist. If you want to know the game of mind reading, you must too, work on clearing your mind first.

Forget about Crystal Balls and Vampires

If you think mind reading would allow you to forecast the future by looking into a crystal ball, we are sorry to disturb your daydream. There’s nothing real about crystal balls except the fact that they are made of crystal. Neither do you require wearing some weird dresses that you saw your favourite wizard wears in a Harry Potter movie. While some of the ideas for such novels are adapted from real life scenarios, authors mostly add too much of butter to their stories. After all, they are in a completely different business and their end goal is to generate as much revenue as possible. So, if you have any thought of living a life like Tom Riddle or Dumbledore, you better visit your local library and dive into the world of fiction.

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