Is Mind Reading a Magic or a Psychic Game

Mind reading is really a thing that arouses astonishing feelings among spectators while looking at how it is possible to read the mind of others. If you have enjoyed any mind reading magic show during any event celebration, you must have enjoyed a lot thinking how this magician can tell exactly what other persons have in their mind. There is no doubt in that a professional mind reader seems to predict exact what you bear in your mind or you note something on paper. But how? This is really a big question. But it truly depends on different things like your mind powers, common sense. By a sound practice, a professional mind reader looks into the audience’s thoughts via their postures and gestures, and with the common sense, he becomes able to predict the right thing what they have in their mind. Mind reading is not a magic but a practice of reading the thoughts of other persons through his postures

Mind reading tricks sometimes are based on a tricky ways of steeling information from spectator. Yes, there are also some hidden tricks which really depend on some tricky methods not on any prediction power. With some tricks of illusion learned with practice, a mind reader collects sufficient information of liking and disliking of people, and then tells them the same.


In some mind reading magical shows, mind reader asks many questions and says audiences to write down the answer of these questions on a paper, and then he says to put the paper on the glass. And then he himself writes the answer of the questions predicting the same answer what the spectator has written. When both the answers are found same, then spectators jump high with this surprising fact. In this trick, a professional magician becomes able to peep out the real facts from the spectator’s note with some tricky ways, while spectators remain unknown of it. 

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