Is Hypnosis and Mind Reading is Myth or Science?

This question comes in everyone's mind when they watch someone performing hypnosis or doing mind reading. Some said it illusion, while some named it a fake dramatic activity. So here in this blog we are going to find whether it's a myth or actual science. Here I'm trying to answer all your queries and questions regarding the reality behind the hypnosis and mind reading.


Hypnosis is a real phenomenon and even animal can also be hypnotized. It is actually a unique state of consciousness where our brain starts working according to the present atmosphere or environment. Scientifically, when hypnosis is performed, the connection in between the dorsolateral prefrontal cortex and the default mode network is reduced, which in turn result in the disconnection between the individual's action. It is scientifically found that during the process of hypnosis, there are many changes occur in the various part of our brain.

Mind Reading

Telegraphy which is well known by other words i.e mind reading. When people watching or seeing mind reading, they always think that just an illusion. Do you also think that? So here's the answer. There is an electrical signal in our mind. When we concentrate on something, the electrical signal fires neurons in the brain. Our all the mental activities are performed via the electrical pulses and these electrical pulses can be read and understood.

Now, what's your thinking about the hypnosis and mind reading? I think this blog really helps you in finding out the reality behind these activities. A professional magician is able to decode these electrical signal that’s why he's able to perform these abnormal activities.

Mind Reading and hypnosis is performed after years of day and night practice. Mr. Sumit kharbanda is one among them. He is one of the best mind readers in India. He's performing hypnosis from more than 15 years. He's the man who is also proving that these actions are not the myth, they are the real science.


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