How to Choose a Magician for Corporate Event?

Let’s accept it- a corporate event can be a boring get together. Sitting in uncomfortable chairs, wearing formal suits, listening to endless speeches, anyone can be bored in that unpleasant environment. So, what is the secret of making your employees, staff, colleagues and customers enjoyable at a company function? The key to a successful corporate event is to ensure that all coworkers, senior management, clients or the entire organization shared an experience that is so fun and completely unforgettable that they talk about the event for a long time.

Why don’t you add a WOW factor to your corporate events by hiring a professional Magician and illusionist? We all love magic. Traditionally magicians were visiting streets and putting shows at carnivals and fairs but over the years, the image of a magician has continued to evolve and so has the stage where magician performs.

Several types of magicians are available around the world performing for different kinds of events. Here are few tips to consider while selecting a magician for a corporate event:

  • If the corporate event will address a massive audience, then choose a stage illusion which is perfect for large theaters or convention centers. In these acts, large props are used, so if you have suitable space for this kind of entertainment, stage illusion can be a quite interesting choice for you.
  • For a more moderately sized audience, stand-up magic is perfect. Stand-up magic usually uses tools like ropes, balls, rabbits, and doves etc. These magicians are great for venues where you’ve a stage but you want a casual stage show.
  • For a small corporate event or medium- sized audiences, you can go with Mentalism magicians who usually perform mind reading, mind manipulation, and divination magic tricks.
  • If you want to increase employee engagement, a close-up magician will suit you the best. These magicians easily socialize with the audience in a room and perform some tricks with coins, cards, and other everyday tools. To spread entertaining spirit in the entire room, Close-up magicians can be a great way.

So, there you have the tips but before finalizing a good corporate magician, there are few things you need to look for:

  • He must have experience in unique magic tricks with a level of sophistication.
  • He must have a charming personality
  • He should be able to capture and hold the attention of the audience
  • He must possess a great communication and presentation skills
  • He must have performed for other corporate clients

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