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Welcome to the Magical world of Sumit Kharbanda


Award Winner

He has been accredited with “Digital illusionist”, “Jadu Ratna” & “Master of Stage Illusions” by Government of Indian and media houses.  Latest to add in the series is “One Man Show” title for his performance by department of Tourism, Government of Delhi.

He holds the post of president of ‘Indian Brotherhood of Magicians’ (The Central Executive Society of Indian Magicians) where he promotes Magic as an art. His job is to arrange get-together among Magicians, update with new Magic available, organising conferences and Magic festivals to uplift ancient Indian Art – Magic. Sumit has also taken workshops for Magicians showing new acts and routines and introduce them to modern magic.



About Sumit Kharbanda

His introduction to the world of magic began at the age of 6 with his father, famous Magician Ashok Kharbanda, who has always been his inspiration. From that moment on, he knew what he wanted in life and nothing would deter him from it.

He masters the art With the use of ipad, tablets and iphone with these illusions fascinates guests/ audience of Sumit Kharbanda.

Some of the acts can be performed with walk around illusions.

Sumit prefers to make his acts unique and different most of the time by adding digital touch in his shows, this effort is appreciated and liked by most Bollywood and TV celebrities whom he has entertained in the past.

World-Famous Magician

As a performing magician and magic consultant, Sumit Kharbanda has mystified audiences across the globe by successfully entertaining in conferences, annual days/nights, festivals and many more for last 15 years. His audience are not allowed to even blink their eyes while he is performing. This could be seen through people’s reactions. His ability to understand his audience during the shows has been appreciated nationally & internationally.

The Entertainer:

Have experience of showing skills in small groups or large audience. Have knowledge of closeup Magic, Conjuring Magic, Mind Reading Acts, Grand illusions.Sumit performed and given consultation in many TV shows on channels like NDTV, SAB TV, Star, CNN-IBN, ZEE Business and many Media houses published interviews in India and in Europe. He has travelled all over India and in Sweden, Finland, Sri Lanka & Malaysia under Cultural Exchange Programme for shows.

Skill Set

Grand illusions

A team show choreographed with male and female assistants on stage. This show has all the impossible illusions like appearing or vanishing lady assistants, slicing a girl in half, self levitation, piercing assistants with fire spikes, flying the head illusion and many more.

Walk around illusions

This act is for real magic lovers and Sumit loves interacting with audience by his one-to-one acts. He does these impossible acts of coin vanishing, appearing lots of coins/money from spectators pocket, using playing cards to create effects, levitating lighter things and reading minds impromptu.

Mind Reader

A stage show designed for Corporate events which is fun to be part of. In this show, Sumit shows his special skills of Telekinesis, Predictions, Psychic touch, Mind Reading and entertains in comic way to Corporate employees or in Conferences. The act includes knowing all the secret facts guarded by any individual like their ATM PIN, phone lock PIN, Grandfather – grandmother’s name, the name of first crush or any dream vacation plans in future and many more such acts.

His Illusions to the world

I-Pad Magician

ipad Magic – In this Digital era nobody is untouched with the technology, even Magic has found space and is updated with latest acts. Sumit Kharbanda, one of the few ipad Magicians our country has developed new programs which are appealing to masses. Acts like, an ipad knowing your selected card, appearing money from ipad screen, appearing company logos from the ipad, appearing wrist watches from google search pages and many more dazzling effects for stage and off-stage.